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Afternoon of Sunday 2nd Season

Previously on Sunday afternoon first season… Carlos began a relationship with Mariana where together they experienced many pleasures, although Carlos lived a double life with Tiffanni, he did the right thing by telling Mariana everything and thus together overcome that stage, in order to take their relationship to a higher […]

I left Venezuela? an unforeseen trip full of surprises

Greetings to all the readers who visit my blog, today I want to share with you and tell you about my trip to the north of Santander (Cúcuta-Colombia). The trip started unexpectedly, a relative told me from one day to the next that he could make a trip with him […]


Having dinner with my family

Today I am pleased to tell all readers about what is that food that for me has great significance in my life, not only because of what is that delicious dish, but for all the context that accompanies it every time I try it. Source My favorite food how not to […]

Short words to my mother

A taste for me to greet my dear readers, it is a pleasure to share with you and tell you about the person who is a pillar in my life. For me it is my favorite person in the world, my mother is no more beautiful than she who has […]

Tales from the crypt # 2 La Llorona

  Illustrated image source site Hello my dear readers, it is a pleasure to bring you this series of stories of legends that began with the Silbon, now it is the turn of the Llorona, another of the stories, myths or Venezuelan legends, now if we start.   Legend tells the month […]

Chicken and crispy potatoes

Greetings to all readers today I want to share a very cool and crispy recipe to accompany a plate of rice and a good salad. What we will do is some chicken thighs to the broaster with some french fries French fries For its preparation it is very easy and simple.   Step […]

At the edge of the abyss

  ▬♥Abysss♥▬ At the edge of the abyss I am in these moments, waiting for your kisses to encourage me and rescue me from this, I still remember the moments we spent together and I regret not having been able to spend many years and minutes with you.   everything […]

The key to my heart is you

                                                       Source Hello my dear readers today I want to share with you again a writing, my second poem where I show you another […]

The best infrastructure in the musical capital of Venezuela

Image edited by me and found on the site source A Taste to greet you my dear readers. Today I want to show you these great works created in my beautiful Barquisimeto, city that saw me born, the people guaro the musical city of Venezuela. Each work has its history and […]