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How to place an “alert message” with JavaScript – Web design #6

Source . Greetings to all readers, I will show you today what is a simple alert message with Js (JavaScript) the message is very easy and simple to use. Now for those who do not know Js is a programming language on the client side, it allows us to create dynamic […]

Learn how to design your own HTML tutorial web page #6 drop-down menu

A pleasure to greet my dear readers for me is a pleasure to bring you the 6th part of the web design course. I was a little away from these tutorials because it is something that requires a little time and dedication, but I was working on other projects of […]


Afternoon of Sunday 2nd Season

Previously on Sunday afternoon first season… Carlos began a relationship with Mariana where together they experienced many pleasures, although Carlos lived a double life with Tiffanni, he did the right thing by telling Mariana everything and thus together overcome that stage, in order to take their relationship to a higher […]

Tardes de Domingo segunda Temporada capitulo II “La tentación”

  Fuente Anteriormente… Mariana y Carlos fortalecieron su relación, estaban más juntos que nunca a pesar de que Polaris resulto ser hija de Alarcón producto de la orgía que vivieron en Cancún México en el spring break, Polaris su hija ya estaba grande y mantenía un romance con Ika el […]


Me dejaste con las ganas

Relata la historia de una joven pareja Venezolana que compartían un bonito amor, Andrea de padres muy conservadores le encantaba pasar sus días con Wiljo como comúnmente se le conocía a Wilmer Jose, muy frecuentemente el la visitaba ya que muy poco le permitían salir a Andrea pero a pesar […]


Tarde de domingo 2da Temporada

Anteriormente en tarde de domingo primera temporada… Carlos comenzó una relación con Mariana donde juntos experimentaron muchos placeres, aunque Carlos vivió una doble vida con Tiffanni, hizo lo correcto al contarle todo a Mariana y así juntos superar esa etapa, para poder llevar su relación a un punto más alto. […]

Learn how to design your own HTML tutorial web page # 5 how to link a css document with html

A Taste to greet my dear readers for me is a pleasure to bring you the 5th part of the web design course. I bring what will be an HTML course for all those who want to start with what is the design of web pages which will also serve […]

I left Venezuela? an unforeseen trip full of surprises

Greetings to all the readers who visit my blog, today I want to share with you and tell you about my trip to the north of Santander (Cúcuta-Colombia). The trip started unexpectedly, a relative told me from one day to the next that he could make a trip with him […]


Having dinner with my family

Today I am pleased to tell all readers about what is that food that for me has great significance in my life, not only because of what is that delicious dish, but for all the context that accompanies it every time I try it. Source My favorite food how not to […]

Afternoon of Sunday part III

Source Cover page Previously… Carlos began to live a double life, playing with the feelings of Mariana who cheated with Tifanni. I presented… Carlos after experiencing that first time with Tifanni, he continued to see her for a few months on each trip he made. After 6 months Carlos begins to […]