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Having dinner with my family

Today I am pleased to tell all readers about what is that food that for me has great significance in my life, not only because of what is that delicious dish, but for all the context that accompanies it every time I try it. Source My favorite food how not to […]

Chicken and crispy potatoes

Greetings to all readers today I want to share a very cool and crispy recipe to accompany a plate of rice and a good salad. What we will do is some chicken thighs to the broaster with some french fries French fries For its preparation it is very easy and simple.   Step […]

Cambur fried x2 double use recipe

Today I come to show you a very simple recipe, which costs very few ingredients and for this publication there is surprise I bring you 2 recipes in 1 post, if you are reading 2×1. The first consists of a very simple way to prepare whether it be a breakfast, […]