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How to place an “alert message” with JavaScript – Web design #6

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Greetings to all readers, I will show you today what is a simple alert message with Js (JavaScript) the message is very easy and simple to use. Now for those who do not know Js is a programming language on the client side, it allows us to create dynamic content.




To start we create a document in our text editor I usually use sublimetext, you can use the one of your preference. We open some of our previous html document that we have created or making one from 0 as we can visualize in the following photo.
foto1 (1).png

At the end are the previous html courses I have done, if you do not have some document or do not know how to create them, do not hesitate to visit it and learn how to create an HTML document.

We can also add some CSS styles to our page to give it a better look and structure.

Now if what we are coming to, to place the message “Js” using “Alert” is very simple, we place the label script type="text/javascript" ,followed by “Alert” alert("Hello whales"); and between the parentheses we place the message that we want to show in my case `”Hello whales”`and finally we end up closing the label /script



This shows us the message that we put on alert before opening our page…

This has been all for today, I hope you have learned something from this tutorial any questions leave me in the comments that I will gladly answer and clarify all your questions.



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